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When we think of word counter tools, all hands down to Word Counter, an online tool that counts words and characters. Not only that, but it is also a free-of-cost program, so you won’t have to pay for the premium or subscription. Therefore, this tool is for everyone, whether content writer, administrator, or student. 

Since we all know there is a reason behind every word in the text. On that account, it serves to convey a particular message. Therefore, you can efficiently deliver your thoughts on any subject with an authentic writing style and a precise number of words. For that, Word Counter is the most optimal choice so far. 

It is necessary, though, as official posts, blogs, or presentations require specific word limits. So, it won’t be favorable if one exceeds the word limit. To follow the word limit evenly, you must use the Word Counter tool. Are you probing into the Word Counter tool, and it’s working? Spare a moment to learn about this indelible tool. In this article, you’ll find everything about this online tool. Then, delve into the details given below.

Word Counter

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Some Specs Of Word Counter:

Word Counter is something more than a word counting program. It is pretty accurate since it contains gobs of features. If you’re a student or content creator, you need a fast-working tool that scales up your blog post or the document. Most importantly, it also makes you keep the word standard word limit. If you’re looking for one, Word Counter fits the bill entirely. We have come up with some specs for this tool that might be useful to you. Scroll down for more

1. Grammar correction:

Word Counter not only shows the text words in total but also works for grammar correction. This tool suggests meaningful synonyms, phrases, and idioms for the text where it is required. In addition, it enhances the content quality by checking the grammatical errors.

2. Free of cost:

The most striking aspect of this tool is its free-of-cost services. The software is available without any subscription fees or additional charges – totally free to use. So long and short, Word Counter is an unpaid feature-rich tool.

3. Quick off the mark:

This tool works real quick when it comes to showing the total textual word count. As long as you press the word count icon, it pops up with the result. As a result, you won’t have to wait and watch the throbber twirling for long. It is because Word Counter is fast off the mark.

4. Character counter:

It is evident that Word Counter counts the words; however, it also shows the content characters. This feature holds tremendous significance as many social media platforms allow a specific number of characters in the post. For example, Facebook allows 63, 206 and Twitter allows 280 characters per post or tweet, respectively. Hence, this tool will help you write according to the standard character count limit.

5. Evaluate sentence length:

Word Counter has a fantastic spec of sentence length analysis. As mentioned earlier, it counts words and characters and evaluates sentence length. In case of too long sentences, it suggests editing the sentence to quality text.

6. No word limit:

Another significant feature of this tool is its limitless word counting. No matter how wordy your document or post is, it will show you the exact word figures in no time. Thus, you can check unlimited word counting without any hitch.

7. Multilingual support:

Through multilingual support, you can work with multiple languages. Also, the Word Counter tool will function the same way as it does with English text. Therefore, you won’t have to convert text into English if you’re writing in your native or any other international language. Consequently, you also won’t face the hassle of rewriting the content.

How to use the word counter tool - an explicit guide:

Word Counter is an easy-to-use tool for counting the words in the text. There is no rocket science in its working. First, you must paste your document or file into the tool; the rest isn’t big cheese. In addition, this tool focuses most on the confidentiality of the customer. Your identity will remain confidential no matter what.   Do you want to know how to use it? For that, you can count on us. We have come up with a comprehensive guide regarding this process. Just follow the instructions given as follows. 

1. Launch the word counter tool:

First of all, you need to launch the Word Counter tool. Then, you can browse through the site or install it on that account. It works on iOS, Android and iPhone handhelds with a minimum hitch. Hence, you can get this free tool online nonchalantly.

2. Choose a file/ document:

Afterwards, access the current document or any other desired file to count the number of words. Select the file and copy it; however, you can directly add it to the tool at the word count icon. When copying the content, paste it on the word count icons bar

3. Click the word count icon:

Right after putting the document in the icon, click the word count option. You’ll get the total numbers of words, characters, sentence length, pages and words excluding spaces. Further, it also displays grammatical errors and lets you edit them. The auto-save option will retain the changes in the document


As a conclusion to the discussion, it is apparent that this tool offers a comprehensive set of features. It works exceptionally well, from grammar check to word length analysis and word counting in a flash. Moreover, you can also use the Word Counter tool to compare the length of your text with standardized web length. This feature of The Word Counter is an excellent tool for content producers and online marketers. The counter displays the number of pages, paragraphs, sentences, and words. This tool is ideal for content like documents, presentations, articles, reports, and more. Thus, every time you check the word count for a file and essay, make sure to use Word Counter for better results. No doubt, this is the easiest way to determine whether you’re fulfilling the criteria for specific word count or not. Furthermore, due to its infinite word count limit, you can use this free online tool unlimited times.

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