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why is keyword research important

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If you’re a new blogger,  you must have heard of keyword research. Keyword research, as your teachers must have informed you, is the most crucial aspect of SEO. In fact, SEO is incomplete without keyword research. 

When you start learning SEO as a beginner, your teachers start teaching you about keywords and how to find them. It is always the first priority of the teacher whenever it comes to teaching and learning SEO. 

Not only that, this is such a part of SEO that you can’t even think to skip it. But Why is keyword research important in SEO? 

A lot of you have been asking these sorts of questions over and over, so I thought of making this ultimate guide for you that will tell you the importance of keyword research. 

Also, I’ll clear all the doubts that you have in your mind about keywords and their research. So, be sure you stick to the topic till the end so you can learn everything in a good way. 

Without being later, let’s make our way to the topic,

What is Keyword Research?

Let’s talk about keyword search first. When you type a keyword in your browser to either get the information about it or to buy something, the sentence that you type is the keyword, and since you’re searching for it, then it’s called keyword search. 

To make it more clear, let’s say you have to know about the “best laptop available these days”. Then you’ll search like, “best laptops available these days”, so that’s the keyword that you searched for. This is called searching keywords or keyword search. However, what on earth is the keyword research? You may ask. 

If you’re running an online business or you’re a blogger, then having proper knowledge of what your audience is researching is crucial. And to know the needs and the queries of your audience, you do keyword research.

Keyword research is a process of finding or analyzing the queries of your audience so that you can solve their problems and ultimately earn profit. 

You’ll get a clue about what your audience wants this way, and you won’t waste time developing material that no one wants. Because if you don’t know what your audience needs, how will you be able to drive them to your site and earn profit? 

It’s unlikely, right? Therefore, you research all those questions of your audience so that you can give the solution to their problems on your site so that people can come and read. 

The process of searching these keywords is keyword research; that’s the simplest definition

Why is keyword research So Important?

Keywords research helps your business to be found by your target audience. It has a significant impact on On-page SEO as well as the way pages are arranged and shaped — what we refer to as the ‘information architecture.’ 

Not only that, but It also has an impact on how you talk about your company, products, and services in both print and online marketing materials. 

By doing keyword research, you can get valuable information about your target audiences, niche, rivals, and the state of your industry. 

You’ll gain a better understanding of your potential customers and how they search, what queries they’re finding the answers to, the problems they’re trying to address, and how your products and services can satisfy their needs by conducting keyword research.

Since Google has become a lot smarter than before, now it understands your content just like your audience does. Back then, you only had to use a popular term in your content; it would rank on the first page of google. But now, you have to use the right keyword according to the intent of your audience. 

Also, you have to place the keyword on your webpage in such a way that not only can your audience understand it easily but google as well. As a result, keyword research is the most crucial aspect of SEO.

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Advantages of Keyword Research

You know pretty much everything about keyword research. You know how Google has started looking at and understanding your content. So, it’s time to look at the advantages of keyword research.

  • By doing keyword research, you don’t target any term blindly, instead, you get a suirtity of the thing that your audience is searching for. When it comes to keyword research, you’ll need to do some background study on your target audience.This thing will surely teach you a lot about your consumers. It will happen if you  search your keywords on google or you head over tot a forum related to your issue. All of this customer information will come in handy as you advance.Knowing the behaviour of your customer and trends will assist you in writing more effectively and delivering exactly what your customers desire.
  • Choosing your keywords can help you gain a better understanding of your business and company, as well as the audience you’re aiming for. What do you want to sell? What services do you have to offer? having the correct audience is critical regardless of whether you’re beginning an internet business or creating a website.Knowing your keywords can help you figure out who you are if you don’t know who you are.
  • It will show you where you need to rank on google to make money, the keywords that you can easily rank for, and which phrases your competitors are targeting. Most people establish an internet business or website because they want to succeed.Keyword research will let you know that the thing you’re writing content about is whether it’s worthy or not. For analysing the competition of the keyword, you must first assess the authority of the other websites mentioned for the keywords you’re looking in. There are a lot of ways that you can follow to do this. Also, there are tons of tools to make your work easier. 
  • People are more likely to share your material on social media as a result of it. After conducting sufficient keyword research, you give them what they desire. Thus, the chances of your content getting shared are more which will result  in organic growth and fewer link-building tasks.

What is a Keyword?

We’ve just discussed keyword research, but what exactly is a keyword? In digital marketing, a keyword is a term or phrase that customers use to obtain information using a search engine.

For any online business, keywords are cardinal as they tell you what thing your target audience is interested in. What if you don’t use the proper keywords in your campaign?

You’ll never attract the visitors you want or need if you employ the wrong keywords because your content won’t match what your potential audience is looking for. Your business, on the other hand, can prosper if you employ the terms that customers are looking for. 

As a result, your keywords should reflect what your target market is looking for. If you target the wrong keyword, either you’ll end up targeting the wrong audience or you won’t receive any traffic on your site.

Type of Keywords

Now that you know what keywords are, it’s a must for you to know about their types too. The two main types of keywords are long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords :

There are three or more keywords in these terms. They are more specialised and less broad than a short-tail word.

Short-tail keywords:

 Single-word search queries are often known as “head terms.” Because the terms are longer, they are less specific than searches with multiple comments. People frequently utilise broad words in Google searches while determining what to do or eat.

How to do Keyword Research?

It’s easy if you use an SEO tool but can be challenging if you do it manually. If you don’t have so much time and you want to finish your keyword research quicker, then it’s better for you to use any SEO tool, like Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRUSH, or Ubersuggest. 

You’ll get different metrics in these tools, one of which is a keyword explorer. The name may vary for different tools. Just put the name of your niche in the keyword explorer and whatever keyword comes in front of you, see which of them has more search volume but less competition. 

The searches would be “Search Volume(SV),” and the competition of the keyword would be ” Keyword Difficulty(KD)” When it comes to search volume, the more, the better. 

And in competition, the less, the better. The ideal keyword difficulty is 20 to 25; you can target keywords with that much completion. However, the search volume has no limit.

That’s a specific way to do keyword research. Even though there are countless topics that require their own essay.Till then, you can do your basic keyword research by following the above-mentioned easy steps.


So now you’re aware why keyword research is important for SEO. To summarise, keyword research is a way of finding the queries of your target audience so you can provide them with what they need. 

I explained it as simply as possible, still, if there is any doubt in your mind, you can talk to me in the comment section, and I`ll be there to help you out.

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