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Local SEO Services—Boost Your Local Visibility and Gain More Foot Traffic

Local SEO services have gained crucial importance in the modern age, especially because of the higher use of Google maps and other such applications.

Nowadays, people search for everything online. Whether they want to grab a bite, look for an important item to purchase, or order a professional service, they are likely to search for it online.

For example, if you are hungry and want to eat food, but you are new to the area, you will probably search for “best restaurants near me” or “best places to eat near me”. Google maps will provide you with a number of potential locations near you.

That’s where local SEO comes in. A business with a good local SEO strategy will be ranked higher on your maps, and you are more likely to go there.

Hence, local SEO strategies are crucial in determining the success of a business today. They drive most customers to your doorstep and bring the highest rate of conversions.

Without these services, a potential customer might just walk by from the next street and not come to your business, because he was not able to see it on his maps or it was ranked too low.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO is a highly effective strategy that helps you put your business on the map. It increases your local presence and visibility, allowing more customers to find you and reach out to you.

The main goal of these services is to rank your business higher in SERPs and make it more prominent on Google maps to increase organic traffic to your business.

The thing which differentiates it from conventional SEO is that in local SEO, the experts only focus on local keywords and audiences. So, the rate of conversions in the local area is much higher.

SEO experts will devise strategies to make your business more visible to your local audience, which will be driving higher foot traffic to your business and increase your revenue.

These services also focus on intent-based optimizations. So, when an intent-based search is made, the optimizations will suggest your business in the top ranks.

Also, local SEO will focus on improving your Google Business profile, making it look more credible so that people can get positive influence from it.

So, local SEO can help you increase your local sales and boost your revenue by bringing more customers to your business.

Why Does My Business Need Local SEO Services?

Why would a local business want to hire an SEO company for their website? Well, the answer is simple, to increase sales and revenue. So, if your business or needs fall under any of the following conditions, then you need a local SEO company.

  • You have a local business that mainly relies on walk-in customers for its revenue.
  • You provide your professional services to a local area.
  • You want to generate more leads or web traffic from a specific area.
  • You want to build solid online credibility for your business on platforms like Google Business, Yellow Pages, Yelps, etc.
  • You want to improve your ranking on local maps and search pages.
  • You want your business to be recommended to people based on intent-based search.

Our Local SEO Strategies

We devise extensive local SEO strategies to improve the SEO performance of your website. Let’s discuss each step of our strategy in detail.

Creating Uniform NAP Citations

Uniformity in NAP citations is crucial to the credibility of your business. NAP stands for the Name, address, and Phone of your business on various platforms. Our expert team will update all the information about your business on Google as well as other platforms like Yelp, YellowPages, and social media profiles. We make it consistent on every platform and leave no room for error. Consistent information increases your business’s credibility and improves its chances of ranking higher in searches. We take charge of updating your information on all the local directories as well.

Local Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research is a crucial part of local SEO services. Our SEO experts will focus on top competitors in your local area and conduct an in-depth analysis of their websites. We will extract keywords relevant to your business that have the highest metrics and integrate them with your content. Our experts will craft perfect keywords for your business that will be used to promote your website and services.

On-Page SEO

Once we have tailored the keywords to suit your local SEO needs, we will integrate them with your website on various levels. We will optimize your webpage with location-based keywords that will increase your chances of appearing in local searches. The optimizations will be made in the title of your page, content, headlines, HTML tags, and meta-texts.

Google Business Optimizations

Previously known as Google My Business, the Google Business profile is like a normal profile for your business that provides a detailed account of your business. Today, the Google Business profile is very similar to social media profiles. Even if people hear about your website from somewhere, they are likely to check it on Google first before visiting. Hence, developing this profile with extreme perfection is one of our top priorities. We take the responsibility to update all the information on your Google business profile. We update your profile with accurate information, covering all the aspects and including the pictures of your business. A perfect Google Business profile will likely attract better reviews from your visitors which will also boost your local presence.

Local Link Building

Link building is one of the most important factors that decide the ranking of your business in Google listings. Building high-quality backlinks on relevant sites is an important and crucial part of the strategy. So, we reach out to relevant blogs and websites in your local area and post content on those websites. Our goal is to link all the relevant local blogs back to you to increase the credibility of your business in the local area. Hence, people who read those blogs will be tempted to check out your business, generating potential leads that can be converted to sales.

Content Creation and Optimization

Our affordable local SEO services also include content optimization for relevant sites and blogs. We create optimized content for relevant sites which will include anchor text and snippets of main keywords linking back to your business. Our content specialists ensure that the created content is relevant to both your services and the audience of the blogger. Hence, the content will perfectly merge with the blogger's content and will be only seen by potential customers who are likely looking for your services instead of a general audience.

Optimization for Smartphone Responsive Design

Since most people search for businesses on their smartphones, your website needs to be optimized for smartphone interface. We provide on-page optimizations to make your website compatible with the smartphone module and make it more effective when users open it through a Google link. Our team will also optimize your information in Google listings, providing a call-now button and opening the website button, so users can directly open your website with a single click.

Comment Marketing

Our team will conduct local research in your area and narrow down the local sites that are relevant to your business. We will leave engaging comments on those local sites to establish credibility for your business. These comments will likely increase your web traffic and will send more leads your way.

Analyzing Ratings and Reviews

An important aspect of boosting your business locally is engaging with your reviewers. Our team will take the responsibility of replying to all the reviews and ratings on your business profile. Your customers and inquisitors need to know that you have a strong online presence and you are available to assist them with your queries. Both positive and negative reviews need to be responded to. So, we will constantly monitor the ratings and reviews of your business and keep your customers engaged.

More Traffic

One of our primary goals is to generate more web traffic for your website and foot traffic for your local business. While SEO mainly focuses on improving your ranking, placing you higher in Google listing, and getting more people to your website, the local SEO services are focused on getting you more foot traffic. We also include the Get Directions button to your Google listing, so that people can get directions to your business when they are nearby with just a click of a button. Hence, the local SEO strategy will drive more customers to your doorstep that can be converted to possible sales to boost your revenue

Maintain Your Ranking

Our campaign will not only help you achieve a higher ranking but will also help you maintain those ranks for a longer period of time. Once you outrank your competition, we make sure that you remain on top of that competition by providing your web content constant optimizations. Hence, your competitors would not be able to outrank you easily or without major investments.

Tracking ROI

Our team will also devise effective strategies to track and report the Rate of Inversions accurately. We will not only focus on the clicks made to your website but also track the calls and other means of inversions. Detailed SEO reports will be generated based on the rate of inversions to keep the clients aware of the SEO progress and how it has improved their business.

Why Should You Hire a Local SEO Company?

SEO is a complex field and requires extensive expertise and research in order to craft a successful strategy for your business. Hiring an in-house SEO team is costly and requires you to make certain alterations in your department structure.

We have a team of SEO professionals who have years of experience and tons of satisfied clients. We take the responsibility of analyzing your competitors and evaluating your current business position and strategies, to craft a perfect local SEO strategy.

Hiring us will save you both time and money while providing you a highly efficient team to take care of all your SEO needs.

We provide affordable SEO services for small businesses that can boost the ranking of your website and boost your sales and revenue.

Our expert team can also build a custom-built SEO plan for your specific requirements and provide you a free quote for your required services.

Your satisfaction is our aim, so we will discuss every aspect of our strategy with you and keep you in the loop for every important decision, no matter how small.

Hence, it will be like having your own SEO team except for a much more affordable price and you will still remain in control of everything.

We will also provide you periodical performance reports to show you how our campaign is benefiting your website’s performance and ranking.

These reports will include detailed analytics including an increase in web traffic, conversions, and ROI.

Why Choose Local SEO Services instead of Pay Per Click Service?

Pay Per Click is also a marketing strategy that yields quicker results and a much faster ROI than local SEO services.

In PPC services, you have to pay the agency for every click they generate. The positive point is, that you will start getting leads almost immediately and your sales will likely go up.

However, the process is sudden and also costs you a lot of money. It is very efficient for the short-term campaign but does not benefit your website much in the long-term ROI.

Unlike PPC services, the local search engine optimizations are an organic process to grow your website and its ranking.

The process will be slower and will take some time before showing an improvement in the SEO performance of your website.

However, local SEO strategies build a solid and credible base for your business and grow your website’s ranking organically.

Hence, in the long term, you will have a credible business profile and a higher rate of inversions with tons of loyal customers.

So, while PPC service boosts your sales in the short-term, the local SEO builds a strong foundation that can generate repeated leads in a long-term business.

Moreover, the local SEO strategy will also show the viewers that your business is not only promoted by paid ads but also has the strong and loyal support of its customers.

Our clients’ Reviews:

It is our pleasure to mention that the following clients are satisfied with our work.

Jeanette L. Perry Merchandise Distributor

Choosing Rohtas Digital was one of the best decisions for me. They helped me grow my business and optimized my business website for organic leads. In addition, they provided exceptional customer support and listed to my queries. Must try their services if you want to beat your competitor. I highly recommend it!

Stephen V. Bennett General Clerk

These guys are amazing. They know what they are for. I always appreciate their honesty, dedication, and excellent customer service. My business has gained more permanent clients with Rohtas Digital. They optimized and created creative content for my Social media audience and helped me get leads from social networks. Thanks!

William M. Massie Ecologist

Working with the Rohtas Digital Team has been an incredible experience for me! They listened to my business issue carefully with one-on-one meetings and proposed a detailed strategy for my business growth. I have not worked with such guys who have a great passion and dedication for their work. Their cooperation has been wonderful.

Benefits of Our Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services ensure the following benefits for your website.

Increased Visibility in Local Area

First of all, our goal is to promote your business in the local area through targeted keywords and specialized strategies. Hence, potential buyers will come across your website more often

Relevant Web Traffic

Our intent-based specific keyword strategy allows us to target relevant audiences in your area. So, the web traffic you gain will have higher chances of conversions, as they will be sent your way through relevant channels.

Increased Sales From Your Local Area

Boosting your revenue is a priority for us. Our local SEO optimizations will direct more foot traffic to your business. Hence, potential customers will be walking in your doors more often to increase your sales.

Detailed SEO Reports

All of our SEO optimizations are completely trackable. So, we will update you regarding every performance that is yielded from our campaign. We will provide you with detailed SEO reports including all the analytics of how our campaign has helped your website improve its ranking and generate conversions.

3-Pack Google Listing

Intent-based search on Google yields the top 3 results, which are recommended places for people to get their solution. We promise to get your website in the top 3 packs so that more users are directed toward you

Potential Leads Reaching Out

We also focus on generating potential leads through phone calls and live messages. Improving the Google ranking of your business will enable more people to reach out to you through your contact options.

Credible Google Business Profile

With our citation-building techniques, we will build solid credibility for your business. Creating uniform NAP citations and updating the information regularly will keep your users up-to-date with your business.

Why Choose Us?

Let's discuss how you can improve your ranking by taking into account the local factors? Increasing your online visibility can help you reach more users in your area searching for your products.

Professional SEO Team

We only work with top-notch SEO specialists who have years of SEO experience and have worked with thousands of clients to boost their local businesses. We develop advanced SEO strategies for your local business to boost your revenue and sales.

Detailed SEO Performance Reports

We understand that SEO is not for everyone. So, we don’t confuse you by using technical terminologies in our performance reports. Our goal is to keep you updated with our campaign performance to show you how our campaign is benefiting your website. We include all the progress details and statistics in a simplified form which are easier to understand and won’t cause any confusion.

Transparent Communication

Our expert SEO staff always communicates with clients in complete transparency. We will never leave things out of discussion just because you cannot understand technicalities. One of our goals is to educate you about basic SEO so that you can understand how our campaign will help your website. We will discuss each and every strategy with you and explain it to you before proceeding. You will remain in control throughout the process.

Live Support Staff

Our technical support staff is available 24/7 to assist you with all your needs. If you have any queries or want a free quote, you can reach out to them anytime. Our pricing and services are not limited to the provided packages. We understand that each website is different and may have unique needs. So, you can reach out to our SEO consultants anytime for a custom-built package designed specifically to cater to your needs

Rankings that Remain

After running a successful local SEO campaign, we do not leave our clients. Our services promise to yield long-term results. Once we get your website to the top ranks, it will stay there for a long period of time and the ranking can be maintained through regular campaigns. Your competition won’t be able to outrank you easily or without major investments. We are always here to support you every step of the way.

Most Frequent Questions

While conventional SEO services focus on the overall improvement of your website’s ranking, local SEO focuses on a specific area. Keywords of targeted geography are researched and integrated, and the website is optimized for a local audience.

Local SEO can help your business improve its local presence. It will rank higher in local searches and Google listings. Also, the campaign will improve the overall ROI of your business and increase your web traffic.

Local SEO strategies will optimize your website and Google profile to build a credible basis. Your citations will be updated and made consistent in all the directories and your local presence will be improved so that customers near you can easily locate you.

We will provide you detailed analytical reports which will keep you updated with all the progress. We will discuss the strategies with you at each step and our detailed reports will show you the performance of our campaigns.

Hiring an in-house team is costly and requires you to create specific space for new staff. You will have to look for SEO experts willing to work in your in-house team. We have SEO experts with years of experience providing you promising services at an affordable price.

For short-term special campaigns that require an immediate increase in leads and inversions, PPC services are better. However, they are not very beneficial when it comes to long-term campaigns. Local SEO is much better for long-term, natural, and reliable improvement

Yes, we understand that each website is different and may have unique needs. So, if you think that none of our available packages suit you, you can reach out to us for a custom-built package specifically designed for your needs.

Unlike PPC services, local SEO does not work immediately. The campaign takes some time to develop and show effects on your website. You will start seeing the results of a successful SEO campaign within two months.

The local SEO campaign will focus on local keywords and relevant blogs that can relate to your business. Building local backlinks and integrating intent-based keywords can rank you higher in local searches and Google listings which will generate higher foot traffic.

No, the paid promotions are separate and are not included in local SEO packages. However, you can include them in your custom-built packages and run paid endorsements for your business.


Not sure which package or strategy best suits your needs? Reach out to us today and discuss your possible options with an SEO expert.

If you can’t find a package that satisfies your needs, we can build a custom package for you.

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