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Our powerful link building packages help you increase your organic traffic

Building links on a large scale in any domain can be complicated and time-taking. However, with the support of our fantastic coordination team, they will take care of your website traffic issues.

When compared to the existing link purchases, our link-building packages include a broad range of link metrics, a large number of backlinks, and a significant discount. 

We feel proud in closely collaborating with your business to assist and reach your online objectives & goals. Our marketing manager will work closely with you to guarantee that you acquire precisely what you want.

Create link-building with us - Why Rohtas Digital?

We’re a one-of-a-kind link-building firm with a proven track record of success all around the world. Moreover, our main focus is on constructing white-hat links for forward-thinking companies and agencies. We work with clients from all around the world, including the Canada.

We are a skilled link-building firm that delivers personalized & innovative assistance aimed at improving your live site’s SEO performance by rendering unique and authenic backlinks.

Significance of link building for your website boosting

The number one charming aspect of link building is the Google ranking which has high-quality backlinks from other pages. Rohtas Digital’s link-building help in high-quality link development and boosts yor websites in the search engines. Moreover, our skilled team bring your website at the Google’s first page.

Links give website credibility

Since links operate as third-party indicators of your domain’s authoritative power, they give your site credibility. It does it by including the concept of ‘authority.’ The bigger the amount of high-quality links pointing to your site, the more credible it is.

Types of Links You'll Need by our professionals

There are four categories of link building to take into consideration while establishing any link development strategy:

  • Links to “deep” pages on your site, such as brand, service, or category sites
  • Internal links to the homepage, are the most crucial for SEO
  • Links in the anchor text that you want to target for SEO
  • Links with your company or brand name in the title tag

Our link building process

Although links come from different websites, we provide a variety of link building options. We will take steps for your website link-building with efficiency. Here’s how we do things:

Link building Strategy

Over twenty different link building tactics that operate for any website are included in our unique link building approach. We analyze competitive data to come up with the best link-building strategy for your site.

Service of Outreach

Provide us with your URLs, anchor text choices, and keywords when you've paid. Our expert SEO team will actively contact relevant and high-quality websites that are related to your topic.

Creation of backlinks

Using a variety of white hat link building techniques, we routinely gain high authority links for our clients. Our goal is to establish a strong backlink profile that will assist you to rise above your competitors.

Snippet Creation & Pre-Approval

Every link we identify is displayed to you. Before it goes live, decide if you like it or not. If not, we'll get you another at no cost to you! Our technical team will create a 1-3 phrase text snippet that is relevant to your niche as well as the blogger's readership.

View & edit link placements

After guest post that including several outreach links will be launched, you get a complete report that contains measured data. In addition, this will be provided by your dedicated account manager at Searcharoo.

Results by Rohtas Digital

Our customers trust us to develop links that move the needle for their SEO rankings, and search engines appreciate the links we build. We track our progress and work with our employees in order to enhance our campaigns and tweak our link-building strategies.

What Makes Rohtas Digital the Best Link Building Company?

  • Implementation & Research

    Unlike some of the other SEO firms, we don't rely primarily on internet approaches and link-building procedures. In fact, we have a specific department tasked with developing new approaches and improving existing ones.

  • Communication is available at all times

    The earth is vast, and the amount of active time in different parts of the globe varies. Although we recognize this, our organization maintains a number of communication channels that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • We Promise to Deliver Results

    Our company's link building service, as well as others, have been able to create excellent outcomes for our clients over the years. And as a result, our faith in our approaches has gradually grown. Nowadays. We are certain that ensuring results will not have a detrimental impact on our business

  • A rise in website traffic

    One of the most effective strategies to get relevant readers from industry authority sites is through link development. You can increase traffic from external sources by targeting appropriate audiences and niches, and web traffic is a solid sign of your website's health.

  • SEO Analysis in Depth

    Each client's link-building proposal is based on a thorough SEO audit of their website. As part of our expertise, we provide these evaluations for free.

  • 100% Hand-Made

    Our experienced SEO agency creates all of our work by hand. We don't utilise automated tools to write content or post links because this could hinder or harm your website's SEO. The work is entirely produced by hand and is completely natural.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Since 2006, we’ve gotten over 2000 checkable SEO project reviews. Take a look at them!

Let’s see our top customer’s reviews regarding Rohtas Digital:

Jenifer Smith CEO, Accelerate Agency America

We've been creating links for over 30 various clients with them for the past two years. The quality of the links is consistently excellent, communication is excellent, and we've seen outstanding results with each client. Honestly, out of dozens of link building services, this is the most competent & best all-around service I've utilised. I've referred it to a few of my friends, & they've had great success with it as well.

Hillman Bob Project Manager, Everstar Electronics Company

"Quality links from appropriate webpages, most of which are niche-specific, will help you enhance your subject relevancy significantly. I'm sure I'll use it again. The finest links and customer support may indeed be found at Rohtas Digital. I've tried a few of alternative link-building services and also was disappointed. I'm relieved to have finally found a reliable service."

Adward James Team lead, FindThisBest Web Services

"Purchasing links whenever I need them has allowed me to grow my business to new heights. I was thinking about forming my own staff, but I'm not going to bother because these folks do such a terrific job."

Most Frequent Questions

Depending on the business, link building costs might range from $$$ to over $$$$ per link. A typical plan budget is from $$$$ to $$$$$ per month, and it’s usually related to content marketing activities with supplementary KPIs. In practice, the cost of purchasing backlinks goes from one site to the another. You must, however, pay attention to who is selling the links

The right way to buy High-Quality Links are:

  • Publish Content that is Evergreen
  • Get backlinks from your competitors
  • Use infographics to create backlinks
  • Build backlinks with backward image search
  • Produce engaging content
  • Produce Your Own Show
  • Participate in Product Hunt
  • Register with startup directories and submit your website

When you purchase backlinks from an SEO business that follows industry best practises, purchasing links can be absolutely safe. The way we operate our networks and link-building services ensure the highest level of privacy and security

Backlinks are still important in 2022 if you’re even remotely interested in link building. You may be confident that the connections you’re constructing are of good quality.

Moreover, it will, over time, create the direct traffic you desire. Another advantage of high-quality links is that everyone has a higher SEO value.

A link building plan is a set of tactics for getting backlinks to your site on a timetable that has been codified and planned. It adheres to standard practises for gaining more backlinks to your website in order to maximize the success of your strategy and avoid being punished by Google.

The cost of outsourcing the link-building process may appear to be still considerable. Surprisingly, the cost of link building might range from $100 to $20,000 each month, depending on the quality & volume you require.

Rather than paying for high-quality links, a low-cost SEO agency would use gray-hat or black-hat strategies. It locates spammy websites & dubious blogs that will connect to your site. This could eventually result in severe Google penalties.

 However, using a low-level link building method to artificially inflate your backlink profile will hurt your organic web presence. When search engines detect backlinks associated with artificial, non-natural tactics, buying links will hurt your site.

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