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Google is the leading search engine in the world. Most of the searches across the globe are done on Google only. You’ll be amazed to know that 3.5 billion searches are done on Google per day, which means 40,000 searches per second. Thus, the number of user queries reaches 1.2trillion. Sounds interesting? 

However, not all of the queries that are searched are the same. Some of the queries are searched on a regular basis. Some of them even are the most searched queries on google precisely what you’re looking for. 

Once you find the most searched keywords, you can target them and drive a significant amount of traffic to your site, which will load you with profit. But, the question is, how to find the most searched keywords on Google? 

Fortunately, there are a variety of approaches you can use to accomplish this. Also, there are many different tools that you can make use of for the process. This article will teach you all of these techniques.

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Let’s get right to the point without wasting any more of your time.

Why Is It Important To Discovering the Most Searched Keywords?

This may be the question in some of your minds. So, let me clarify it for you. The most crucial aspect of SEO is keywords 

When you have keywords with high search volume(Searches), then you can hike up the chances of your site ranking higher on google by adding these keywords in your meta title, meta description, and throughout your content. 

Also, the keyword gives your content relevancy which is a must to have if you want to rank your article on the first page of google. This is why you must use the most popular keywords in your content.

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How To Find The Most Searched Keywords On Google?

Finding the most frequently searched keyword on Google can be done in a number of ways. You can utilize either paid or free tools, depending on your budget.

However, I’ll tell you about the 2 Best Free tools to find the keywords so that you don’t have to spend a penny to do the job. I’ll tell you step by step how you can use these tools. Please follow the step-by-step guide mentioned down below.

1). Google Trends

The first tool that we have is offered by Google itself, which is called google trends. When it comes to finding the most searched topic on the internet, this is the finest tool yet free tool ever. 

There are some Metrics on this tool as well that make it easy for you to search for the keyword in a specific country or location. You can even set the year or the month in which the searches were done. Isn’t that amazing? How can you use it? Follow the below-mentioned steps.

a. The Method

Head over to the site of Google trends by searching in your browser. Click on the menu and choose the feature called “Explore”. You can find this menu in the website’s upper left corner. 

This page has a plethora of data regarding keyword popularity throughout certain time periods. 

After that, scroll down to get the two keyword columns. The first one would be Search themes” and the second one would be “Search queries”, which are two types of search terms. The search queries column in the right corner of the page lists specific popular terms.

b. To Find Your Desired Keywords

Now, the position column will appear in the table’s last column. This box displays your website’s Google ranking for a certain keyword entered in the query queue. 

To know which keywords rank in the lowest and highest positions on Google, click on the word “Position” to flip the position column between ascending and descending order. 

Remember, this is not the data of a particular keyword but rather of your overall website. So, to check what queries each of your website webpages is ranking for, follow the below-mentioned steps

c. Search The Keywords For Each Webpage Of your Website

Click on the ”Add search Term” and type the topic you want to get the related keywords for. Then hit Enter. Under the “Related searches” header, you’ll get all the details about the ranking of the keyword along with the related keyword that you can use throughout your content.

    • Go to the Worldwide menu and select a location to see only information from that area
    • To specify the time range for which you wish to search for keywords, go to the Past 12 months menu.
    • To find keywords that are related to a subject, go to the All categories option and select a topic.

d. To Find Trending Searches On Google Trends

  • What if you want to target any trending keyword in any specific country? To do that, you can follow this method. 

    Click on the menu and then tap on the option of “Trending searches”. Based on Google statistics, this graph shows the trending searches of the day. The number of times a keyword has been searched is displayed on the right of each entry.

    • Click the arrow next to the number of searches below”Related Queries” to find similar terms.
    • To see yesterday’s popular trends, scroll down. 
    To see results by country, go to the Country menu which will show you the name of your country.  And then,  select the one that you want.

e. To Find Real-Time Searches

  • Let’s say you want to get those keywords that are being searched in real-time. Then select “Real-time trends” from the drop-down menu. It’s in the top-right corner of the site, in the blue bar. 

    This graph shows the rankings of different keywords over the last 24 hours in real-time.

    • Tap the straight down arrow on the right side of the page to display a graph of the keyword’s popularity. To browse a certain category, use the drop-down menu of Categories.
    • Click the country option and select another to see results by country.

2). Use Google Instant

This term may be new to you or maybe for some of you. So, Let me tell you, the Google instant refers to Google autocomplete. 

When you search any keyword on google, when related queries are shown or your query gets autocomplete, this is called Google instant. It’s the easiest and free method of finding the most searched keywords.

  • Begin typing your search phrase (s). Google will suggest some popular searches depending on what you’ve entered as you type.
  • In your search, look for the term “head.” These are the terms that are most regularly used. They are the most expensive terms to bid on for Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, and they are pretty general.
  • Look for long-tail keywords that are relevant to your website or items as well. These are the three to five-term and phrase groups that are longer. People use these phrases to find a particular specific thing. They are less expensive to use in PPC ads and produce fewer searches, but they produce the most targeted marketing.

What Is The Most Searched Keyword on Google?

The searches of the keywords may vary to the time and the events. Let’s say, if a football match is going on between two well-known football teams, then it will be the most searched thing on google. 

Same as that, if any other event is going to happen or is happening will be one of the most searched things on Google. 

Things like Bitcoin, dogecoin, NBA, Covid vaccine, and DMX are the terms that were the most searched on google In 2021. The data for 2022, on the other hand, has not yet been updated. It’ll soon be updated, and I’ll update it here as well.

What Are The Most Widely Searched Keywords?

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Now, you know how to find the most searched keywords on google using free tools. If you have any questions related to the topic you can ask me in the comment section.

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