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After Keyword Research when you get an idea of topics for writing, Then, some questions that arise in people’s minds about the usage of keywords in their website such as “How many SEO Keywords should I use?”. In order to  answer this question, we have written a complete guide that will resolve your keywords targeting related issues.

Also, if you are stick in these type of questions

Would you like to create a page for every single version of your keyword, or do you think you would need multiple pages? Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a number of keywords on every page of the site?

Then, you are at the right place.

But before diving into the topic, isn’t it a good idea to know KEYWORD first? What exactly are keywords? Keywords are words or phrases that express what your content focuses on. Those are the words and phrases that users enter into Google, YouTube, and other search engines when it relates to SEO. When a user types in these words, a user is then directed to the specific results, they are searching for. It is indeed a very powerful tool that should be appropriately utilized.

We will now jump into the topic you are hoping to learn more about:

How Many Keywords Should You Target For SEO?

Many people are uneasy with the exact number of keywords to expand their online business. It is thought that using a single keyword could be beneficial for a business owner since it would keep the company focused on a certain theme. However, this is incorrect, and we will tell you in detail that it depends upon your particular area of interest before making a decision.

For instances:

When it comes to targeting keywords, it is best not to limit yourself to just one keyword, even if you have a minimal budget or think that one keyword can cover everything you do or sell. It is evident that ranking for just one keyword will not generate sufficient traffic for most terms.

However, on the other hand;

You should avoid targeting too many keywords at once. As you target more keywords, the smaller the pool of resources allocated to each of them, and as a result, the more difficult it becomes to achieve high rankings for any given keyword.

How much should be a good balance between not too much and not too little?

The exact number of keywords you use depends primarily on your needs, budget, and how fast you want to see results. Our team has studied the matter and found that five targeted keywords, each with a search frequency of more than 100 searches a month, are incredibly advantageous to your business.

You may now have a question in your head; is it possible to rank a website by using only five keywords? The answer is no, and it depends upon the quality of content on your website, the placement of relevant keywords on your website, and much more. The number we described above is merely an average.

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How Many Keyword Types Can Be Used For SEO?

In order to categorize keywords by length, there are three types:

  1. Short-tail Keywords.
  2. Long-tail keywords.
  3. Mid-tail keywords.

1. Short-Tail Keywords

It is vital to understand that head keywords, which are sometimes referred to as generic keywords, are popular, broad search terms that have a large number of searches.

These terms are typically made up of one or two words, and they are complicated to rank.

Example: laptops or best laptops. 

2. Mid-Tail Keywords

As the name implies, these terms usually consist of two to three words and are a bit more detailed than general keywords.

Example: best gaming laptops. 

3. Long-Tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is a particular search term referring to a specific topic or niche. Due to the fact that they are more focused, they usually have a better conversion rate than the other two mentioned types of keywords.

Example: best gaming laptops that don’t overheat. 

Should Each Of Your Site’s Pages Target A Certain Number Of Keywords?

In our opinion, it is obvious that your website will have several pages, each one containing different information for your visitors.

If you would like to know more about this particular question, read the following information carefully:

Keywords As Viewed By Search Engines:

The development of technology has led to search engines becoming more innovative as a result of the advancement. A search engine can quickly know what users are searching for, but the reason behind it is related to keywords.

Today, search engines are equipped to understand and recognize the context of various search queries. They are able to find alternative words/synonyms for certain words and look for phrases that may use different words yet have similar meanings.

In spite of this, Google does not have the same indexed results for two separate keywords.

For instance, if you search these two keywords:

  1. Best laptops for gaming.
  2. Gaming laptops.

The fact that these keywords are similar doesn’t affect Google’s understanding of them, but it does treat them differently. In summary, the results are similar but slightly different from one another. You can use this information to decide how many keywords to use on your website.

How Many Keywords Per Web Page For SEO:

One of the most common questions that most users ask is, “How many keywords do I need per blog post?” for optimizing seo. This is very simple, but in order to do it, you need to know what the crux of your website page is.

To understand what we are attempting to explain, follow the steps below:

The Topic Of Your Blog:

Let’s suppose you have an affiliate website on which you will be selling laptops of different types.

The main subject is the laptop computer on this page, but how do you know what exactly you are referring to?

To do that, you need to conduct research with the help of a number of tools such as, Keywords Everywhere, etc., in order to understand what is going on.

That will give you a good idea of merely how widespread different phrases are, for example, “best gaming laptops,” and “best laptops for design.”.

If we consider the following example, let’s say you go with “best gaming laptops.”

Find Related Keywords:

Having found a primary keyword, best gaming laptop, you are now able to understand a number of other keywords that are related to your main topic

You can have the following possible variations of the keyword best gaming laptop. 

  1. Best gaming under $100.
  2. Gaming laptops that don’t overheat.
  3. Best budget gaming laptops.
  4. Branded laptops for gaming purposes.
  5. Top 5 gaming laptops in 2022

While these are some examples, there are also numerous other possible variations.

Organize Your Keywords:

In the example we mentioned above, each of the points needs to be arranged in proper order; you cannot publish content of each of the points whenever you want; rather, you should take the time to check its importance to users and search engines bots.

It is imperative that you provide details for each category of keyword that you are selecting. Hence, you should allow users to click from your “best gaming laptops” page to a page that includes gaming laptops under $100 only and other things they want.

In order to support that keyword, those pages need to contain more specific information. It is very important that you can be as detailed as you can so that you can improve these pages so that you can rank higher for even more specific keywords.

A Page Can Rank For How Many Keywords?

Are you the one who wants to start a new website but doesn’t know how many keywords they can rank for a page?

There are hundreds of keywords that can be found on a single web page, if not thousands. A page’s performance for each keyword relies on how well optimized it is for search engine optimization, in addition to the total number of searches for the related queries.

hrefs conducted a keyword ranking study on this particular topic and published the results. “It appears that the average #1 ranking page ranks in the top 10 [search results] for nearly 1,000 related keywords (while the median is more than twice as large — around 400 keywords). The pages with lower rankings are more likely to rank for fewer keywords.”


The topic of how many SEO keywords I should use has now come to an end, and I’m hoping you’ve gotten some useful information about this particular topic. The information you needed is probably in the article, and you have read it carefully to get the information you wanted. There is no need to go back at this point if you are still confused. Just scroll up to the top and get started again if you are still confused.

As a whole, we tried our best to be on point while not getting you lost in the weeds.

What is a good number of keywords?

Ideally, a page should contain two to three keywords minimum. Include one main keyword plus two closely related terms.

What keywords should I use for SEO?

The most effective keywords for your search engine optimization strategy will be those that emphasize importance, trustworthiness, and traffic. As a newbie, long-tail keywords can help you increase traffic to your website since these keywords are extremely specific.

How many times should you use keywords?

It’s not a hard and fast rule to use an exact number of keywords in your blog post. It’s recommended using keywords naturally in the content without any count.

Are more keywords better?

No, Keywords Stuffing or Adding more Keywords in your content is not good for SEO. It’s recommended to optimize your content with keywords naturally with a user-centred approach.

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