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What comes to mind when you look at this heading, breadcrumbs, Right? This is what exactly happens when you use this Generator. Breadcrumb Schema Generator helps you in making structured data for Google Search Engine by using the breadcrumbs of a particular website. 

This helps Google monitor what is present in the breadcrumbs of the particular type of webpage, by looking for the best-ranked breadcrumbs. Later on, the breadcrumbs are displayed in the search results. This way, your results look professional and clean in their appearance to the viewer.

To make it easy for you, the breadcrumbs being mentioned here, are known to be small text paths. These are found on the top of a webpage whenever you open it on the browser and show where the user is present on the page. For example, if you look at the research web page, the path would look like this: Home > Platform > Research Literature > Story.

These types of breadcrumbs are mainly used for user navigation at e-commerce websites, as they tell the user where they have been. Every step of the given path on the website is found to be easily clickable. This also helps the viewer to find their desired product and then links you back to the previous home page just with a click.

Breadcrumb schema generator
Use the following JSON-LD schema generator to generate the markup code for the breadcrumb list:
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Types of Breadcrumbs:

Some of the commonly used breadcrumbs in websites are:

1. Hierarchy-based Breadcrumbs:

Known to be the most commonly used breadcrumbs, these hierarchy-based breadcrumbs tell the user about their present location on the website. They also tell you the number of steps or clicks you need so that you can go back to the homepage.

This can be something like this when you look at the Dawn News webpage: Home > Latest > Pakistan > Business

2. Attribute-based Breadcrumbs:

These are mainly used to show the attributes of a particular website as they line up the categories to a product or a specific page type. This is because, this breadcrumb type turns out to be useful for e-commerce-based websites, as they help the visitors coming to the website. This happens by assisting them in understanding the product offering related to the website. It also helps to offer different types of approaches.

3. Path-based Breadcrumbs:

Also known as the History trail, this type of breadcrumb is dynamically generated as it helps in demonstrating the path used by the visitor on the website. This is the path that the user takes to reach a particular type of page, but it proves to be useful in rare circumstances. Mostly, these breadcrumbs puzzle the user. This is because the users browse wildly. They jump from one website to the other, so this thing can’t help the user much. Instead, this breadcrumb should be replaced with a ‘back button’.

What is Breadcrumb Markup Generator?

This is a kind of breadcrumb structure introduced by Google. It mainly uses the markup installed in the web page body, which later helps to demonstrate the breadcrumbs appearing in the results of the search engine.

With the help of this markup, Google can break down the URL of a particular website into possible breadcrumbs. These breadcrumbs are then shown on the search engine. If this markup is not used. Google would display the search results just in the form of a URL of a particular type of page, while the breadcrumbs would help in taking the user directly to the specific type of webpage.

Moreover, you should implement the Breadcrumb Schema, as it would help you when the URL is not SEO friendly. In this situation, the search engine would take those words and put them in SERP of the actual breadcrumb of the page

Advantages of Breadcrumb Schema:

  • The Click-through rate of the web page is improved from the search engine
  • Google results appear to be more enticing for the users
  • Enhances the user’s experience
  • Helps Google in understanding the structure of your web page

Implementation of Breadcrumb Schema:

There are different ways of implementing the Breadcrumb Schema:

  • Via HTML:

In this structure, key elements are implemented on the particular code in the form of BreadcrumbList (itemlistElement), and ListItem (item, name, and position).

  • Via JSON-LD:

It uses @id to specify the URL

  • Via WordPress Plugin
  • Through Magento Plugin
First, you have to select the Schema type of the article through the interface and select the page’s details where you need to implement it. Finally, verify the mapped fields and publish them.
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