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Choose Rohtas Digital as a full-service digital marketing agency for an effective business growth with our renowned digital marketing services.


As a top seo services firm we help in achieving high rankings on the major search engines, and conduct careful studies on keywords using ethical marketing techniques to help you triple your traffic.


In Social Media Marketing, through our independent work or collaboratively with you, we can ensure that you keep your social community interested and engaged regularly.

Web Design & Development

As a Web Design & SEO Company, we will design & develop a fully responsive and optimized website for you that stands out from the millions of websites on the Internet.

Per Click

Even though SEO offers long-term growth, there are times when you need a quick boost. We can devise a PPC campaign to guarantee that your online marketing funds are spent most efficiently.

Digital Marketing Agency - Rohtas Digital

The Rohtas Digital is a leading digital marketing agency that provides its clients with the most up-to-date marketing solutions in the market. 

A number of notable contributions have also been made in the digital marketing industry worldwide. Moreover, Rohtas Digital intends to redefine digital marketing by changing its reputation amongst people around the world by connecting them with reputable companies. 

Invest in digital marketing to increase your company’s visibility locally and internationally. Rohtas Digital is ready to assist you in building your brand online and growing your audience, thereby creating a robust network for reaching a large audience on the Internet.

Our clients benefit from our creative services such as Digital Marketing including Social Media Marketing, SEO,  Website Designing, and much more. Using your feedback, we present innovative design solutions and develop a cultured visible identification.


We live in an era of technology where offline jobs are shifting to online work. Still, most people do not have any motivation and the perfect platform to begin the online journey of their preferences. 

They usually get confused by people, but Rohtas Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency, combines the latest software, tools, techniques, contemporary ideas, and experience to make their clients cherish their services. 

Our mission is to provide clients with many internet services such as Designing websites, optimizing websites, and online marketing of websites.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise


Local SEO helps your Business to get more local customers and ultimately increases your sales. We help you in optimizing Local SEO to get more leads.


Increasing visibility in search engine results is the objective of Ecommerce SEO. We will help your ecommerce business getting more sales through organic traffic.


SEO Audits helps in improving your website's performance. We will create proper SEO Audit report and analyze the issues that affects site's search rankings.


Link Building, most powerful Google's ranking factor to access the site's credibility and rank accordingly. We will do High Quality Link Building to improve your search ranking.


Facebook ads helps your business to attract more audience for your Facebook content and ultimately improve your business growth. We will launch optimized campaigns according to your business demand to get more ROI.


Instagram ads are most effective for your brand awareness and growth with precise audience targeting features. We help your business getting more sales with optimized Instagram campaigns.



Maximize your conversion rate with YouTube Ads by showing video content to highly targeted and engaged audience. Our helps you getting more conversions.



Attract more Customers with our professional WordPress Website Design Service. We design super responsive website for you according to your business needs.

Eocmmerce WEB


Good user experience and design helps in getting more Ecommerce sales . We will design a professional website by considering all design factors that improves your conversion rate.


Grab your users attention with our Custom Website Design Service. Our team will design a elegant website that will meet your business needs focusing the user experience.

Why Choose Rohtas Digital as a Digital Marketing Agency

Here are the few reasons of considering Rohtas Digital for your Business Growth

As a professional digital marketing company, who know how to satisfy clients by providing them with their work in a timely manner.


Fortunately for you, the work you will get done on a low-cost but it will also be of a high standard.

Fast Delivery

As a result of professional staff and affordable pricing, we will support you with your project of digital marketing quicker than ever.

Resources & Tools

We strive to complete your work on time by using different resources, staff members, and many other software tools to accomplish this.

What Clients Say About Us

Jeanette L. Perry Merchandise distributor

Choosing Rohtas Digital was one of the best decision by me. They helped me in growing my business and optimized my business website for organic leads. In addition, they provided exceptional Customer Support and listened to my queries. Must try their services, if you want to beat your competition. Highly Recommended!

Stephen V. Bennett General clerk

These guys are amazing. They know what they are for. They are honest, dedicated and have incredible customer support, which I always love. Rohtas Digital helps me in getting more permanent clients for my business. They optimized and created creative content for my social media audience and helped me getting leads from social networks. Thanks!

William M. Massie Ecologist

Working with Rohtas Digital Team has been a incredible experience fr me! They listened to my business issues carefully with one-one meeting and proposed a detailed strategy plan for my business growth. Haven't worked such guys before who have a great passion and dedication for their work. We have a long-term business plan together.

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Most Frequent Questions

Want to now more about Online Marketing Agency and its services? Here are the some related.

In the world of digital marketing, a digital agency is a company you hire to handle your digital marketing activities rather than doing it yourself. As a result, they can develop multiple online marketing strategies for your business, both for pushing your products and services online as well as help you reach your marketing targets and increase sales.

Many people are curious about this question because they always want to know how digital marketing can benefit them. 

The main strength of digital marketing is that it can be used successfully and efficiently to reach a specific target audience. There are also several advantages of digital marketing, such as increasing brand recognition and boosting sales through the Internet.

Well, it depends upon the countries and digital marketing agency you want, but here I will tell you the average pay rate you should expect to pay. A business owner should expect to spend at least $4000 per month on other expenses in 2022 if they want to hire a marketing agency.

In 2022, the average cost for digital marketing services is predicted to range from. From $2500 to $12,000 per month, digital marketing services are expected to cost on average in 2022. However, the price may vary from firm to firm and their expertise in online marketing services.

Be sure to ask your digital marketing agency how the data for each strategy will be collected and then shared with you before you hire them. To be successful, a digital marketing agency has to present results so that shareholders can understand while aligned with their goals.

Many people around the world want to start a digital media company in order to gain recognition worldwide through their services, but they don’t know what to do and how to start.

So below are some aspects that can help them start a digital media company effectively.


  • Learn as much as you can
  • Identify your niche and stick to it
  • Research your competitors
  • Set Up Your Website
  • Business expansion
  • Plan your business structure
  • Maintain a presence on social media
  • Lead generation

Well it depends upon the countries and digital marketing agency you want but here I will tell you the average pay rate you should expect to pay. A business owner should expect to spend at least $4000 per month on other expenses in 2022, if they want to hire a marketing agency.

An agency that is dedicated to the success of its clients will listen to your opinions, no matter how good or bad they may be. In order to accomplish your goals as a business, you need to understand what they are, how you plan on making them happen, and within what timeframe you have to achieve them. Communication is key.

Here are some points to evaluate your digital agency:

  • Your company’s goals should be clearly defined. 
  • Consult with the agency to learn what their definition of success is regarding digital marketing.
  • Review the fees they charge.
  • Conduct personal interviews with your most viable candidates.
  • For a sample of their recent work, you should ask for case studies.
  • You can find their corporate blog on their website to know more about their work. 
  • See what their social networking profiles are like.

Among the most frequently asked questions are:

  1. Which search engines do you have official partnership agreements with?
  2. Where does your work come from?
  3. Are you keeping up with changes in your industry?
  4. When it comes to working with us, how will you do that?
  5. How does your most proud moment make you feel?
  6. Does your standard report include any metrics?
  7. I would like to know how much time you will spend on my campaign.
  8. Can you tell me more about your work experience in the sector?
  9. Would you please tell me how you will enhance my website’s conversion rate? 
  10. What should I do if I don’t see results right away?

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